Day 8-11 (14th-17th August 2017)

So it’s been a few days, but travelling & back to back meetings for the whole day over 3 of the days, makes it a bit made it tricky to do a daily blog. Back to the normal though, even though I am now feeling very tired, but it’s a tired that comes from feeling you have achieved something.

With all the hype around building a stand for a trade show & the tight deadlines, makes you dig deep into your reserves to produce the goods. It definitely gets the adrenaline going, & I feel in a way brings out a more hypo side of me, & I get into a mood that I feel that I can go forever. Even sleep with my usual evening medication was very difficult.
I know that on the other side of it though is going to be a trough, that in the past was sometimes a deep trough.
This time though, I am going to try to minimise that & drag myself through it kicking & screaming if I have to.
My positivity is certainly ¬†elevated at the moment, & it’s amazing what a boost of goodness you feel when you have achieved something, & then been recognized for it as well, & your opinion matters, instead of feeling steamrolled or sidelined.
After this hectic week, I am definitely looking forward to the weekend, for some well deserved R&R.

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